Friday, September 15, 2017

Be Brave, A new release from Magical Scraps Galore

The BE BRAVE collection by Magical Scraps Galore is now live in all her shops and on sale through September 21st!
BE BRAVE is a Celtic-inspired collection that celebrates princess Merida and her brave spirit. In a beautiful and rich color palette, this gorgeous design is filled with wonderful Scottish patterns and elements such as bows and arrows, bagpipes, tartan patterns, a Scottish castle, Celtic knots, clan crests, Merida and the three bear cubs, among many other fabulous goodies. This collection is perfect for scrapping character meet and greets, themed birthday parties, a trip to Scotland, a Celtic celebration, your Scottish heritage, archery practice photos, and so much more!
Find the full collection at 60% off -or the individual page kit and four add-ons at 30% off- at GingerScraps and The Digichick.

Magical Scraps Galore is having a SALE!
Save 50% at GingerScraps and The Digichick through September 21st!!
This week we have 3 gorgeous clusters to share with you, created by CT members Lisa, Karrie and Janet!
Visit Marina's blog HERE to download and enjoy:
Stay tuned for Marina's new collection coming to stores next week!

Happy Scrappin Ya'All!

Autumn Splendour, A new release from Ponytails Designs

It’s the time of year that everything around you turns from verdant greens to the brilliant colours of autumn.  Crisp, foggy mornings and warm, golden afternoons… simply splendid!  Autumn Splendour features deep, bold colours mixed with hints of gold.  It’s a beautiful way to enhance your fall photos!
This week also starts a couple of sales for you too.  The monthly Bake Sale begins today, as does the GingerScraps 9th birthday celebration.  My entire store will be 50% off through the 21st. Pretty sweet!
Here’s a coordinating goodie for you.  Enjoy!

Happy scrappin Ya'All!

Serenity, A Ponytails Designs release

I am a little late posting this on the blog but I still wanted to share.

One of my favourite (and oft’ used) lines from Seinfeld is George’s plea for “Serenity Now!”  It never fails to make me laugh, but there’s truth in it as well.  I think we all could use a little more Serenity in our lives.
Here’s a glimpse of the alpha, which is included with the element pack.
Happy Scrappin Ya'All!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Water Fight! A new release from Growing Pains Scrapped

Are you feeling HOT  HOT  HOT?
Growing Pains Scrapped has a new kit out -
Water Fight
to help cool you off!
You can grab it at Growing Pains Scrapped 

This fun kit is perfect for scrapping photo’s of your kids engaged in water fights or other water activities. It has a fun, summer feel to it.
Full Alpha
24 papers
70 Elements including: arrow, balloons, bows, brads, buttons, clips, boy, girl, pail, pail of water balloons, flowers, frames, hose, leaves, paint/grunge, ribbons, rick rack, strings, stitching, squirt guns, sun, tags, staple, water.

Here's some inspiration
 Now how about a little freebie?
Just click on the preview to snag it!

Happy Scrappin Ya'all!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

100 acre wood, A new release from Magical Scraps Galore

100 ACRE WOOD by Magical Scraps Galore is an adorable collection that celebrates everyone's favorite "silly old bear" and his friends. In a beautiful color palette inspired by the beloved characters, this honey-sweet collection overflows with beautiful patterns and elements such as bumblebees, honey jars, beehives, honeycombs, donkey and tiger tails, balloons and kites, character-inspired flowers, among many other fabulous goodies. This is the perfect collection for scrapping your character meet and greets, magical character meals, a themed birthday party, your baby's photos, your favorite childhood book, and so much more!
Find the collection  at GingerScraps and The Digichick.
Some wonderful inspiration from the Creative Team:
This week we have 3 adorable clusters to share with you, created by CT members Lisa, Karrie and Janet.
Click on the previews to visit Marina's blog for downloading!
Stay tuned for Marina's new collection coming to stores soon!
    Happy Scrappin Ya'All!

What does a sick person look like?

I remember one day during my first bout of cancer my boss came up to me and asked me if I was okay. That I looked sick. I bawled. I thought I was doing so well hiding being sick and exhausted. That if people didnt know I had cancer they wouldn't know I was sick. I never stopped it from keeping me from work. I never let it stop me from living. 
I made sure from then on to try to not look sick. smile and not let people know how bad things were bothering me... I got pretty good at it.
Cancer sucks. getting up everyday and going for radiation and hoping to god that this time works sucks. Ive been dealing with this for almost 5 years now.
But then add all this thyroid mess and depression to it and it is just overwhelming.
In person I thought I was still doing well hiding it to the public. and at home I am a mess. I cry all the time. Im exhausted and hurt all the time. Not working sucks I feel like what made me important and gave my life meaning since my kids are grown got taken away.

The other day someone said something to my husband something about me looking not sick and asking questions about it. This person is close to me . So when I heard it it was kinda like a kick in the face. I thought about it all night. I am trying hard to be strong through all of this. And I thought that I was putting up a good front. At home when Im alone I can have my breakdowns where no one can see. and in person I can smile and act like everything is okay. But I guess the question is what did they want me to look like? like a crying pitiful thing? Something to be pitied. 
Maybe I am making a bigger deal of this than it is, and I probably am.
But I cant help feeling a little hurt.
My poor husband has had to take the brunt of all of this. He can tell when im hurting or somethings wrong. and he listens to me whine and cry and tells me im beautiful and things will get better. and the whole time he has become the sole provider for us, working long hours and then coming home to deal with me must feel like a full time job and sometimes I feel so guilty .
The other day I was trying to do the laundry and my back started aching so bad that I had to lay down for awhile and I started bawling. Im not working and im not even being a housewife. 
I havent written here for a long time . I've been dealing with all this , and not wanting to whine about my life, and Ive had some good times too. Hubby tries so hard to make me happy. Even taking me all the way to Fayetteville just to get the "special donuts of the day" But I also think sometimes a person just needs to vent and it is just easier to vent through here. People may read it and they may not but I can get it out.

Well Im off to finish the laundry and try to act like a human today.

~hope , guides me. It's what gets me through the day & especially the night.

Friday, August 11, 2017

YOHO, A new release from Growing Pains Scrapped

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirate’s life for me! or perhaps you are familiar with Jake and the Neverland Pirates and all the adventures they go on together! No matter which Pirate Tale you enjoy, you will love Yo Ho! By Growing Pains ScrappedNEW TODAY and on sale for just $1 a pack as part of the With Love Studio August Lovely Colors.

That means you can get the whole collection for just $3 during the Lovely Colors sale, each piece is on sale individually for just $1! Hurry, this sale doesn’t last long!!

Check out these Argh-mazing pages made by the CT:

And even better CT member Karrie has a argh-mazing cluster frame for you. Just click on preview  to grab this freebie:

Happy Scrappin Ya'All!